Monday, October 6, 2014

Being a Father - Lesson to the Laurels

When I Became A Man I Put Away Childish Things
 11 When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

We all probably have a different expectation of how a baby boy behaves when compared to how a elementary school boy behaves.  We likely also have different expectations for a teenage boy, a father, or a grandfather.

We can expect that a baby boy will likely need us to do almost everything for it, including change its diaper.  An elementary student we would expect is potty trained, but likely will need a lot of observation to keep him safe and correct immature behavior.

We would expect a teenaged boy to be trusted to not touch a hot stove, not pull dishes from the counter onto his head, and perhaps even be trusted to drive a car alone.  You would expect a certain level of immaturity and even perhaps self centeredness, but you would assume they are improving and somewhat self sufficient.

Do we expect a father to behave like a teenaged boy?  We would expect him to not be as impulsive and to be more in control of his behavior.

Even though father’s are grown ups, don’t we have an even greater expectation of maturity and wisdom in word and behavior from a grandfather?

Being a man is about continually learning to put off childish things and things that don’t matter.

Women Help Shape Boys Into Men
As a young woman you have great power over young men.  In spite of this I see all too often young women lower themselves to foolish behaviors of immature young men.

Just because a young man speaks or behaves coarsely and you want to be close to him does not mean that you should speak coarsely.  You should expect better behavior of him.  He should not expect worse behavior of you.  If you stand your ground and are kind about it, the young men will figure it out and become stronger.  If you cave and behave as they do they will continue to become increasingly more irresponsible.

Do many young men often chase after coarse and immodest girls?  Yes, but that doesn’t last and they both end up miserable.

Young men do not respond positively to nagging or to young women who are judgemental, but they do respond quite well to young women who are beautiful, kind, and virtuous who they see giving attention to boys who are respectful and kind.  If a guy’s friends behave poorly and make him look like a fool in front of a beautiful, kind, and virtuous girl, then he will cause his friends behavior to change or he will find new friends.

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